The Oil Kings

Edmonton was really fun it definitely exceeded my expectations. 

After skating halfway to the city we drove in and decided to take a rest first on our stop was the West Edmonton Mall. 

I knew the mall is going to be huge but I didn’t realize how huge it had a water park a theme park, an ice rink and a large aquatic show right in the middle of the food court. We were just in time to catch the seals show. 

We walked around the mall and dream shopped as I call it well looking at all the cool things the West Edmonton Mall had to offer And then we decided to go find a hotel as we had Jacques in the car. 

There was able to get a hold of someone at the Delta Hotel downtown Edmonton and they were more than willing to donate a room which was pretty awesome. After taking Jacques back to the hotel we decided to go back to the West Edmonton Mall. I noticed that they had an IMAX theater so we decided to go up and have a look at it. While we were up there I saw that finding Nemo in 3-D was playing and I wanted to see it so Pierre asked the manager if they would donate two movie tickets and they did without a question it was really nice to be able to take a night off from the journey and just enjoy your movie. Something we hadn’t done in a long time. 

The next day we woke up reenergized and ready to go so we went outside the city and I was able to skate and rather quickly. 

I was excited to finish my skate as we were heading to the Rexall center for a tour! 

We arrived at the Rexall center around 1 PM and we were greeted by Jenny who gave us a tour of the facility. 

It was really cool to be able to compare the Serena to the other ones this was definitely the oldest arena but I have a lot of history.

The Oilers dressing room is actually the only dressing room and the NHL where the players have to walk through Public Corredor between the dressing room and the ice surface. 

We toured around the whole arena but my favorite part would have to be when we went down firebug and I got to run out on to center ice like thinking was Wayne Gretzky once on the Ice!

After leaving the arena went to find something to eat and then we decided to do another 25 km of skating towards Leduc. 

We arrived in Leduc around 5 PM and we asked every hotel  in the town For room but unfortunately they all said no so we found a campground and they let us camp there for the night. 

The next morning we woke up and we were off to Panoka. 

We skated down Highway 2A towards Panoka and the roads were a little bumpy. The only alternate route was to take highway 2 but it was too busy so we decided to stick it out on the bumpy road. I was finally rewarded with the last 20 km where the vibrations settled down. 

Panoka was home of the second-largest stampede and we were lucky enough to stay right beside the stampede grounds at a campsite. The couple who on the campsite were really supportive and nice and welcoming. It’s amazing how quickly Our mood can change when we meet really nice people who support the cause. 

We were also happy because we learned on this day that the Scotia Bank Saddledome was also going to give us a tour and we were going to meet the women’s national hockey team on Monday night also in Calgary. 

At least now I had something to skate towards as now at the end of this journey it’s hard to keep motivated Especially with the donations being so low. 

Hopefully that means as we skate towards Calgary the donations will pick up!